Matt’s Book Club

September 9, 2012 · Posted in Books · Comments Off on Matt’s Book Club 

The Super-Sysadmin Matt Simmons has created an IT book club called The On-Call Pagers (awesome). I have the intention of participate in this club if I find time for it, and encourage you to do the same. The more people participate, the better. Computer Book

In fact,  I have a couple of books to suggest:

1. Learning the Vi and Vim editors
Besides improves our skills with this editor, Vim donates part of their benefit to ICCF, an NGO that helps the children in Uganda.

2. Perl for System Administration
Like a system administrator Perl can make your life easier. If you have some knowledge of Perl this book teaches you how apply it to your day-to-day work, if not it’s time to learn and improve your performance.

A lot of ideas are emerging around the club, a forum to discuss the books sounds good.
What are you waiting for? Join The On-Call Pagers!