Wealth Distribution in a Global World

November 25, 2014 · Posted in Thoughts · Comments Off on Wealth Distribution in a Global World 

New riches won’t be in the richest countries anymore, in the same way poor people will not be in the poorest countries but spread all around the world. The new riches will be the most competitive in a global marketplace.

As travel gets easier for everybody and the communication gets cheaper the globalization is here to stay. Now Internet is making education available all over the world, available just for everyone with interest in learning, independently of where you live. In India there are computer academies built in huts with old computers where people can learn programming to achieve the dream of work in western countries and earn in western currencies.

But now even those who don’t work in first world countries can have a higher income working as freelancers for companies in the other side of the Earth. Nowadays it’s not difficult to find a good professional from India for $30/hour, while the average salary in his city is about $1 or $2.
We can be tempted to think about it like unfair competition, what is true, in a way, because companies take advantage of this, but it was also very unfair not have the same opportunities just for the fact of be born in a poor country.

The professionals in Occident begin to realise that if they are not competitive there is a risk of being left behind and their job might disappear. Now the information is (almost) available for everyone, but only the people truly interested, proactive and with a desire to learn will search and make good use of them.
In a very near future the difference between rich people and poor people will not be where you have born, and the sooner we understand this the better. Poor will be someone who says “I don’t know how to do that”, while the rich is looking for information to learn about that; the rich will be reading about the last advances in their field, while the poor is checking Facebook or watching TV.
Teleworking is pushing forward, the best universities are giving their courses for free, it is possible to learn about any subject just moving our fingers.

This new scene will bring many problems for some of us and great opportunities for a lot of people. Eventually it will create a more fair world, with more people studying, researching and accelerating the development of new solutions for all the problems in the world.